Pet Nail Grinder
Pet Nail Grinder
Pet Nail Grinder

Pet Nail Grinder

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What is a Dog Nail Grinder?

Dog nail grinders are grooming tool that serve as an alternative nail-cutting solution for dogs that aren’t big fans of clippers.

Nail grinders are also known as “dremels,” referring to the name brand of Dremel, a popular and well-known grinding tool.

Get Your Dog Accustomed To The Grinder

Introduce your dog to the grinder in small increments (and with plenty of treats and praise at every step).

First, show your dog the grinder and give a reward (like some stinky, yummy treats). Place rewards near the grinder (when it’s off) to get the dog sniffing and close to the grinder.

Next, hold the grinder in your hand and quickly turn it on and off, followed by rewards. You’re getting your dog used to the sound of the grinder, which can be a bit scary for them at first.

Next, turn grinder on for a longer period and reward. Finally, turn the grinder on and tap your dog’s nail (just for a moment) and praise.

This whole process won’t be done in one day – in fact, it may take a few weeks to get your dog acclimated. Go slowly and take your time. The payoff will be worth it when you can grind down your dog’s nails without stress!

Dog Nail Grinding Tips & Tricks

  • Only Grind A Small Amount At A Time. Even with a nail grinder, you’ll only want to grind a small part of your dog’s nail in one sitting. Support the dog’s toe, but don’t squeeze too hard. Grind across the bottom and then carefully in from the tip of the nail, smoothing rough edges as you go. If you do this weekly, the quick will recede and you’ll be able to maintain short nails on your dog with ease.
  • Hold Close to The Top. Hold the grinder higher up, towards the top, for better control.
  • Keep Your Dog Comfy. Make sure your dog is in a comfortable position as you grind the nails. Also, consider how you’ll hold your dog’s foot. It’s recommended to hold your dog’s paw in a way that allows you to easily separate the toes from one another and push the nail you are grinding further out. Some dogs prefer to sit with their paws out, while others prefer to have their paw bend backwards. See what works for you and your dog!
  • Grinders Get Hot! Remember, grinders get hot, so only hold the grinder against the nail for a second or two at a time. Press and release in small increments until your dog’s nail is shortened.
  • Watch Out For Hair & Fur. If your dog has long hair, make sure to hold it back and keep it away from the grinding tool so it doesn’t get caught! Vet Street offers a great tip – using an old pair of pantyhose, put it over your dog’s paw and push the nail through. This makes the nail available to trim, while holding back any paw fur!


1.Low Vibration and Low Noise - This Pet Nail Grinder is equipped with super mute motor but powerful. It gently removes thin layers of nail with low noise and low vibration, so that sensitive pets will be happy with this nail grinder, making your nail trimming work easier.

2.Make Nail Grinding Painless -  If your pets are terrified of nail trimming, then we've got you covered. Try today this electric dog nail clipper and trim their nails nice, easy and painlessly. No more worries about overcutting, nasty pains or bleeding.

3.USB Charging - This Dog Nail Grinders is designed to be charged by USB, it is convenient to charge and you don\'t even have to waste your money to buy batteries.You can charge whenever and wherever possible.Once being fully charged, the grinder will be well-performed about 3 hours in continuous work.

4.Detachable Grinding Wheel - The dirty stuff on the stone can be removed for easy cleaning. You can use an eraser or a soft towel to clean it by softly touching first in operating status, then use a tissue to clean again, which helps it work more effective.

5.Good Performance For Most Of Pets -  This Pets Nail Grinder is suitable for Cat, Small & Medium Dog Breed, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster & Bird. The pet nail trimmer has three size openings in the grinder area for different sized nails trimming. You can choose a suitable one according to the pets\' size and characteristics of their nails.

Product Details

1 Charging time:2 hours 

2 Running time:3 hours 

3 Material: ABS plastic

4 Size: 


5 Charging mode: USB charging

6 Battery: Built-in battery

Products included: 

1x Pet Nail Grinder 

1x USB Charge Cable

1x Package Box 

1x user manua


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